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Return of Psychology Today and Mother Earth, June 11, 1991

THE MEDIA BUSINESS; Return of Psychology Today Is a Goal of Magazine Talk

Published: June 11, 1991

Psychology Today and Mother Earth News, two once-popular magazines that ceased publishing when their owner, the New American Company, fell on hard times, may soon reappear on newsstands. Sussex Publishers Inc., a new company formed for the purpose, has agreed in principle to buy the magazines from New American.

A Sussex spokeswoman said yesterday that the proposed purchase was virtually set but that negotiations were still under way last night. She said no one was willing to discuss terms or dollars.

Joseph Colman, Sussex's chief executive and principal investor, plans to revive Mother Earth News with the August/September issue. A Second Chance

The purchase would provide a second chance for Owen Lipstein, who will be Sussex's editorial director. He founded New American in the mid-1980's to publish American Health magazine. That magazine's success prompted Mr. Lipstein to expand, buying Mother Earth News in 1986 and Psychology Today in 1988.


Spy Magazine Returns, July 17, 1994

Spy magazine returned to the newsstands last week.

Sussex Publishers Inc., the publishers of Psychology Today and Mother Earth News, acquired the magazine in May from Jean-Christophe Pigozzi and Charles Saatchi, the British advertising executive.

The magazine, which in its original incarnation thrived on satirical send-ups and gossip of media, politics and power, is now based at 49 East 21st Street, with a staff of 20.

"We've been successful at relaunching magazines that have gone out of business -- like Psychology Today and Mother Earth News," said Owen Lipstein, editorial director of Spy.

The current issue, with Heather Locklear on the cover, resembles the style of the old magazine. Asked about his plans for Spy, Mr. Lipstein said: "We've revigorated it to the original formula. We had to make it funny again, which it ceased to be -- it had become similar to the objects it parodied."


Circulation Rate Base Up, September 14, 1983


ADVERTISING; Circulation Rate Base Up at American Health

Published: September 14, 1983

American Health Magazine, which made its debut in March 1981 with Owen J. Lipstein as publisher and T. George Harris as editor, will go into the black on an issue-by-issue basis with the November/December issue now on the presses.

And that is not the end of the good news. With the March/April issue, it will increase its circulation rate base by 100,000, to 650,000, and plans another increase of at least the same size next July.

With the May issue, the frequency of publication will be increased to ten a year from six.

Burzon Joins Lipstein, January 6, 1986

Advertising; Burzon Joins Lipstein In Executive Position

Published: January 6, 1986

Jay Burzon, 51 years old and a well-known magazine publishing executive, has joined Owen J. Lipstein, who is managing partner of American Health Magazine and majority owner of the Mother Earth News, and will serve in an executive vice president capacity over not only those two properties but also over a joint venture of the two called Sponsorship Marketing.

The last-mentioned entity will be involved in contract publishing and related programs as well as in poster publishing.

Mr. Lipstein also announced that at American Health, John B. Caldwell Jr., 42, who had been associate publisher/advertising sales director of the magazine, was now its executive vice president/associate publisher.

Mr. Burzon was a senior vice president of Parade and before that vice president/associate publisher of Woman's Day.


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New York Times, January 9, 1990

Reader's Digest Adds Magazine

Published: January 9, 1990

LEAD: Reader's Digest said yesterday that it had agreed to buy American Health magazine for $29.1 million.

Reader's Digest said yesterday that it had agreed to buy American Health magazine for $29.1 million.

Reader's Digest already owns Travel Holiday, The Family Handyman and New Choices for the Best Years.

The company, which recently announced that it would sell shares to the public, has consistently indicated that it hopes to expand its magazine interests.

It does not sell advertising in the magazines as a group but may eventually do so.

American Health is owned by American Health Partners. It was founded by George Harris and Owen Lipstein, and Mr. Lipstein remains the general partner. The magazine, which publishes 10 times a year, has a circulation of one million. Advertising pages in 1989 totaled 725 and its revenues increased 16 percent over the previous year.